Medical Tourism

The City Hospital of the Holy Martyr Elizabeth is the largest in St. Petersburg, confidently occupying the first place in the flow of admitted patients. In close cooperation, more than 40 structural divisions ensure the uninterrupted of the treatment and diagnostic process, including 24 bed departments, 3 intensive care units, 2 intensive care and intensive care units.
115,000 patients treated in 2021

Specialized centers based on the clinic:

Elizabethan Hospital is a trauma center of the first level, which allows for high-quality and timely treatment of any injuries in the following profiles: general surgery, vascular surgery, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, urology, gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, and traumatology.
The Regional Vascular Center Center of the Elizabethan Hospital is the largest in St. Petersburg. The full range of modern interventions in the pathology of the cardiovascular system is available to patients.
The city Center of Endovideosurgery provides round-the-clock assistance. Daily operations are performed here for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract of varying severity with the usage of high-tech equipment. The endovideoscopic technique minimizes surgical trauma and shortens the recovery period.

Endovascular and cardiac surgery operations on the heart and main vessels are performed in the cardiac surgery department : coronary artery bypass grafting, aneurysm resection, valve plastic/prosthetics, implantation of a permanent pacemaker.
Since April 2021, the City Scientific and Practical Center for Gastroenterology and Cancer Prevention  has been opened at the hospital, which main task is the effective diagnosis and treatment of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases.
On the basis of the otorhinolaryngological department, there is a Center for Hearing Restoration Operations. The unique center capabilities allow for an objective examination and diagnosis of hearing at the state-of-the-art level and operations to restore and improve hearing.
Complex surgical interventions, unique high–tech medical care, prosthetics and laparoscopy, stenting and coronary angiography, clipping and thrombolysis, CT and MRI studies, hemodialysis and scintigraphy, and all the entire range of laboratory and instrumental diagnostics are the daily work of professionals.
To receive a consultation, you must send it to the e-mail request by specifying the following information:
  • Patient’s full name, date of birth, citizenship;
  • The purpose of hospitalization (examination, surgery, etc.);
  • Medical documents: extracts from the medical history, the results of the examinations performed (attach scans to the letter);
  • Contact details of the patient and/or a trusted person (phone number, e-mail).
After receiving the date of hospitalization
When deciding on hospitalization, an invitation is sent to patients indicating the planned date of hospitalisation After purchasing a ticket, foreign citizens must send a scan of it to their e-mail to obtain a permit to cross the border
Placement and delivery
Requests for accommodation, transfer, and other services should be sent to e-mail
Managers will help arrange accommodation in hotels in St. Petersburg, including transport delivery to the Elizabethan Hospital.

Our contacts

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